There is still hope on this world…:)

20 Responses to “Video that made the whole world cry PART II”

  1. What is the great music?

  2. Wolfhearts116 says:

    What happened at the train/subway?

  3. This great video should have another title, a more befitting one. like ‘
    Helping others is part of being human’ or ‘ A demonstration of humanity in
    people’, a title something like these.

  4. Michael Cook says:

    Some people are kind and generous to help others. Only if the world had
    more people like that then the world would be better.

  5. Антон Паномарёв says:

    Молодец автор super

  6. Jonas Babdilla says:

    People Keep running away, talk about fate and think their life is easy
    Small minded people learn the ways and burns in the torch of love and it
    burns on other people and mankind is motivated away from fate and hatred If
    only the world kept peace and love One day we will all unite the world and
    bring love into our world We shall not love only one , we shall love the
    all. Peace may be going and growing in our sacred and beautiful planet
    earth And the man kind rises above the sky and understands eachother And
    shall not do it only for mankind we shall do it to all other species that
    live wether dangerous or peace wwe shall not live with treason no more and
    fill our heart in rightous ways Sins cans still be made but can be fixed
    Destiny can be changed whenever and No Judge shall be made May we all live
    in peace <3<3<3<3

  7. PheonixMaster1000 says:

    the fact there are still “humans” in this world makes me happy all is not
    lost thankfully lets hope these people who have a “heart” inspired others

  8. Mr. Degradation says:

    Faith in humanity is slowly being restored.

  9. Holger Naumann says:

    Es gibt sie noch, die guten Menschen!

  10. Jennifer Wilson says:

    Little what one human by them self can do we are weak as flesh but us
    coming together with god can do the outrageous beyond what we could

  11. xXCheshireCatXx says:

    19 People have disliked this dont care for others and cant be kind enough
    to like this video…People are just dumb sometimes

  12. Dan Mollohan says:

    More good deeds of the earth, however inspired by The Good Lord, yet they
    still honor themselves, not giving God’s direction thought hereto. Pray we
    learn that Christ Is the example of kindness and true sacrifice for others.
    He is The Way and The Truth.

  13. Kyle Knight says:

    Its nice to see people will do things just for 1 animal. Like its another

  14. Adam Searing says:

    “The world will not be destroyed by those that do evil, but by those that
    watch without doing anything” – Albert Einstein 

  15. LeAnn Strickland-Wright says:


  16. Jahmai Smith says:

    For you people who say this is why God loves us and brings God into this
    plz don’t because the atheists will start to talk and say that God isn’t
    real and shit like that soo plz don’t bring the G-man in to this

  17. Alice Parks says:

    Cry with laughter… :)

  18. Paul Mason says:

    This is just one reason God loves human beings, because amongst the
    heartless ones there are the ones who just love to help save lives.
    hallelujah thank God for such as these.

  19. People stopping to help small animals always gets me emotionally

  20. lachezar hristov says:

    how someone can unlike this ?!?!?!

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