Welcome to our channel! We are doing our best to bring new and interesting crash videos, same time not braking community rules. Please subscribe, rate, comme…

7 Responses to “Welcome to CRASH DISCOVERY Channel”

  1. Alexandru N. says:

    Nice , but the music is annoying

  2. CrashDiscovery says:

    Dear Subscribers Please Share And Rate Our New Intro

  3. just what i want to see another commerical lol thumbs down

  4. That One Gamer says:

    Really cool! Your videos are amongst the most interesting ones! Keep up the
    good work!

  5. Mark Schroeder says:

    Pleeease! Tell me the name of that intro song it rocks

  6. stargate937 says:

    Lolz your intro has clips from fast five a movie and a show where they
    crashed a passenger jet to see what would happen 

  7. Car Crash CompilationsXD9 says:

    Very nice channel!
    how are you able to find all these good clips?

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