Car crashes with original sound only. Winter Car Crash Compilation December 2014. Official: Winter has started! Car crash compilation of the worst winter car crashes caught on dashcam.

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  1. Winter Crashes Compilation says:
  2. nameofthepen says:

    1:30 – He was inches away from killing those two pedestrians.
    Of all the Russian driving problems, the one I hate the most is the traffic
    In America, we do not have the red light showing the yellow, saying, ” Pay
    attention!! Get ready to jump out the microsecond the light turns green!!”
    Instead, we have Green, one Yellow, then a Red.
    Then, for a few seconds, ALL lights are red.
    And then, the other light turns green.
    Many times, big intersections also have a “Protected Left Turn” light, in
    addition to the three other ones.
    We don’t have nearly as many crashes in the intersections as you do in
    And yes, I realize that the dash cams make it seem like a lot of crashes.
    I really, REALLY think if Russia would use America’s system of traffic
    signal lights, it would lower the number of crashes in the intersections.
    Also, in America, we are NOT allowed to make a “U” turn in an intersection.

  3. OffTrackProductions says:

    Anyone know the song at 2:00? Thanks.

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