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Please use the clips in this video as a learning tool. This video should only be taken as educational use. Please don’t speed, or drive like an idiot!
Most of these collisions can easily be avoided, however sometimes shit just happens apparently! Have a nice day! 🙂

6 Responses to “You Wont BELIEVE These HORRIBLE Drivers!! Insane Car Crashes And Accidents”

  1. Anix Wolf says:

    6:45 when you smoke in the car and its so smokey you cant see shit

  2. Johnny boner says:

    glad you are back!

  3. Youtube Time32 Millet says:

    3:57 nice manuever

  4. Richthofen09 says:

    6:45 driver
    how the fuck did you got in my Lane

  5. thumbnail… horrible way for a deer to die

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