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7 Responses to “Bad Car Crashes Caught on camera 2014 – TOP 50 #2”

  1. AndrewMichaelSanchez says:

    Ok some what a good video, I don’t like how you have a few clips with
    another clip lasting a second and then moves on to the next one and you
    also have some clips that have only sound and a black screen. I give this
    video a thumbs down. When people want to see “BAD CRASHES” caught ON camera
    we should be able to see the full thing not just hear it or see a real
    quick glimpse and then its over.

  2. MyGirlsHD says:

    no one killed

  3. Kenhnhacvang says:

    Great video ^^, thanks youuu

  4. Doanh Doanh says:

    LOL, 0:44

  5. Ahad Ali 1.0 says:


  6. ChauTinhTriFilm says:

    Really Bad crashes

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