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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation 2014”

  1. Jared Reabow says:

    wait a second…. at 4:05 did i see someone actually use their indicator?
    it cant be???
    i must be high

  2. can someone explain what it means when they scream BLILIAT !! XD

  3. xXUnknown EntityXx says:

    The reason you see so many crash videos in Russia is not because they can’t
    drive, it’s because many of the insurance companies there require drivers
    to have dashcams. More cameras = higher chance of filming a crash. The same
    would happen in other countries if insurance companies there decided to
    mandate dashcams 

  4. Donald Kjenstad says:

    Well … those Russians really love their Vodka.

  5. Sergey SS says:

    15:15 Капец,жалко дальнобоеев..

  6. ya ponimau v Rossii 95% naseleniya debliy, no kak etim debilam to prava
    otobrat by y nih prava, da i probki iszechnut, parkovki poyavyatsya.

  7. Oppa! Oppaa! :D

  8. LPfor3v3r says:

    You should change the title of this video to “Russian People Who Still
    Don’t Know How To Drive”.
    Seriously, how do they still fuck up this concept? I don’t even think
    driving tests are mandatory over there anymore. 

  9. Car Crash Compilation says:

    Car Crash Compilation 2014

  10. Hugsy Wugsy says:

    I wonder how many of these crashes could be avoided if 2 factors were in
    play. The first being common sense. Second would be actually clearing the
    road to ANY degree. Seriously, you’d all be so much better off if you did
    just those two things. Oh and traction control might be nice too.

  11. Fedor Freeman says:

    Кто будет смотреть посчитайте кол-во аварий?)))

  12. Gary Scurlock says:

    I wish it had captions to know what they are saying.

  13. ExperimentalSpace says:

    Roads are full of hurry idiots.Solution :Only safe vehicles on russia roads
    are tanks 

  14. KetchupBlogs says:

    I think they use Mario Kart has their driving exams.. it’s the only thing I
    can thing of

  15. The pedestrian hit by the police car was kind of nuts they helped her into
    the back of the car. now i assume they are taking her to the hospital but
    here in the US they would arrest her first. 

  16. cyka blyat simulator 2014

  17. RobloxPlayers says:

    The first crash he didn’t bother to hit the breaks

  18. Никита Польянов says:


  19. TheVenomousViper says:

    Do they even have winter tires on their cars?

  20. Mohamed Bishr says:

    I think that Russian people make these stupid accidents not because they
    can’t drive, but because they drinking too much alcohol.

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