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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 42”

  1. skeeterjackbug says:

    LOL, 2 in one fail guy hanging from billboard 3:20

  2. Никита Соломенков says:

    4:02 song please?

  3. :37 first car in these videos that i like. and it gets crashed into.

  4. т777ем ))) 

  5. EⒹᾦaᴚĐ Σℓℛῗς says:

    am I the only one wondering why this car crash compilation goes from #54 to
    #42 to #53
    +CarCrashCompilation I think you messed up the order…

  6. ulil_levine says:

    and that is why i always carry a gun with me

  7. The best thing about these videos is hearing foreign swear words and
    reactions. So funny.

  8. Saikon XS says:

    3:23 :”Ты че не видела машину?”
    “Ну я не знала что я врежусь” xD

  9. Кирилл Рудин says:
  10. Paul Chluy says:

    Why?…. Why the Skyline?…

  11. WonderDrugEchinacea says:

    3:04 Just a normal day in Russia; big truck pushing the remains of a
    t-boned car down the road and someone honking their horn. Nothing to see

    I wish someone would translate the russian in these videos into english.

  12. Karol Bonecki says:

    0:36 skyline ;c

  13. mustajaska says:

    let’s play follow the reaper!

  14. Silence .Blackfox says:

    0.40 the poor Skyline!!! okay the driver was bad but the car ;(

  15. LPfor3v3r says:

    0:59 – Did she really think she could push that big ass van by herself? 

  16. Do they not grit the roads.?

  17. Gursh Effect #ThanksFor1k says:

    Why are we worried about the Russians? Their cars haven’t changed since the

  18. Bennett Fain says:

    No the R34 Skyline Saloon!! I need one here in America

  19. TheReturnOfJames says:

    Just once, I’d like to hear cussing in English in these videos.

  20. BethyBetch S says:

    they have no infrastructure for driving, I see no yellow or white lines, no
    speed limit signs or any other hazard signs. WTF Russia, everyone there
    will be dead by 2020 if they don’t get serious about driving.

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