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20 Responses to “Car Crash Compilation # 55”

  1. EⒹᾦaᴚĐ Σℓℛῗς says:

    0:20-0:27 What the fuck was that??!!!

  2. Alexander K says:

    2:22 автобус тебя расстрелял-потому что ты обгонял! Не обгоняй на
    трассе-подумай что стоит 10 мин ?!

  3. HP Gaming/Music says:

    what was the song at 3:42

  4. Jason Terry says:

    :24 thats one hot ride

  5. Guitarfollower22 says:

    0:47 I don’t think they survived…

  6. Алекс Мерфи says:

    пиздец, плывём… последний эпизод)

  7. drevni kocur says:

    It’s hard to believe 0:44 wasn’t fatal :/ The whole front of the car was
    destroyed. It also looked to me like the driver had fallen asleep. :/

  8. Funny seeing russian swearing. There was about 500-1000 swears in this

  9. Wise Sloth says:

    WTF is this, Megane just exploded for no reason. They should send this
    to Renault! 

  10. Xavier Mitchell says:

    Lol he hit that truck on purpose though smh

  11. BluemoonHD03 says:

    Just a small piece of advice – from these videos it seems that on two way
    roads when a car loses control and is heading towards incoming traffic it
    is likely that it will veer to your right.

    Every single Compilation has a video where the driver in the car tries to
    turn right and ends up hitting the oncoming car head on which is also
    skidding/rolling towards your right. Although it is very easy to panic and
    try to drive away, in most cases to avoid the car it would be better to
    actually turn left towards the incoming car – even if you do clip it the
    impact won’t be so strong as the momentum of the other car is towards your
    right and behind you.

    Maybe this message will save a life… I don’t know. Or maybe not… Oh

  12. Artëm Dmitriev says:

    Come sempre i russi

  13. Michael Hite says:

    What does “pi da Rrrras!” mean in Russian? like @2:06 I’ve heard that
    before in some of these videos.

  14. Car control is not that difficult, control speed for the situation, look
    ahead. I am amazed of some of these wrecks. Some wrecks are impossible to
    avoid when other idiots are driving and have no clue of the laws of physics
    and the vehicle’s abilities.

  15. lovesshadows says:

    Holy Balls 5:02 scared the crap outta me lol

  16. @ 0:20 Who Farted and then Lit a Cigarette???

  17. TheReturnOfJames says:

    In Soviet Russia, red means “go”.

  18. Eddie Chervony says:

    The fuck that bucket come from

  19. yuriy shereshewskyy says:

    This was scary and a bit funny!

  20. BlessedAgni says:


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