Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #12 – Black Ice !
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Take this video as a learning tool, there are a lot of bad drivers, especially in Russia where these clips are from. Slippery and icy roads are very dangerous. Driving too fast on ice, especially black ice is causing HUGE accidents all around the world on a daily basis. So watch out when the winter hits the roads!

5 Responses to “Ice And Snow Car Crash Compilation #12 – Black Ice !”

  1. Debrah Richardson says:

    Smh. Why wld u be driving as fast as possible on icy roads. They all need
    their license revoked.

  2. Douglas Cantrell says:

    Yes Virginia they are idiots but its alright. You see, we don’t live there.

  3. Russian worst drivers and worst language

  4. Shaun Gordon says:

    all driving way too fcking fast

  5. Carrera S        says:

    There is no ice; there are many vodka i seen.

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