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20 Responses to “Plane Crash compilation #3”

  1. 7:15 It’s Atlantic City, New Jersey. Very expensive Jet Boat I’d say!

  2. John Woods says:

    Omg ye. I wont sleep. Thank god for the warning. What a load of shit!! 


    immer nur das gleiche in all deinen videos

  4. Thebuilderofthings1 says:

    The last one had Captain Kangaroo at the column.

  5. MouseMan707 says:

    First one wasn’t a crash, it was actually a perfect emergency landing…..

  6. Elizabeth Grace says:

    I love planes but they still scary

  7. naperdood says:

    I couldn’t understand the one where they were speaking NAZI. 

  8. 2wheelobsessed says:

    Geeeez….Damn Women pilots 😉 

  9. Ryuuko Mifune says:

    Might be Russia.

  10. peedinkus says:

    One fucking crash!

  11. billy crow says:

    I hate fly,but love the planes,is weird.

  12. Jacob Laney says:

    117 why is the firepeople washing down the plane? its not on fire?

  13. watershed lover Bob says:

    Use that made in China cable.

  14. Being in the Navy as a helicopter jet engine mechanic and working for the
    Navy as a civilian for the last 11 years, I’ve seen to many mishaps. @ 7:20
    really concerns me. Most aircraft engines are manufactured with magnesium.
    If that motor caught fire and then made contact with the water it would
    have been bad news. Pilot either should have cut power or pulled the
    breaker for fuel control to cease fuel flow into the injectors to stall the
    motor out and reduce risk of fire

  15. Normando Moura says:

    too slow this video, too much replay in slow motion, long cuts.

  16. Nonyo Bidness says:

    This video is just pure shit. Don’t watch it.

  17. Pastor Willie Robison says:

    This was not a crash. It was a nose gear malfunction that led to a nose
    gear up landing. 

  18. I didn’t watch the clips I just wanted to point out what a blatantly
    pathetic obviously fake picture your using to lure people into this crap

  19. Ep1cG@m1ng235TR says:

    1:45 and that kids is how airplanes are born

  20. (shot 2)Typical~ You park way out where nobody well give you a door dent~
    and then some idiot parks right next to you in a heep~

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