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  1. Elf Paladin says:

    moral of the story, when in russia, buy a tank, not a car

  2. Станислав Максимов says:

    Пендосы,вы выродки,вы самый гнилой народ…кто вам вообще дал право
    обсуждать Россию!? на себя посмотрите…

  3. Grumpy olMan says:

    What about “Bealach” probably got the spelling wrong – that’s another one
    I always hear. Also what’s the translation for “High Speed Idiots”…:-)

  4. gantzisballs says:

    Sadly, Russia doesn’t even have the highest vehicular death rate. India and
    China are both worse in vehicular deaths per 100,000 cars. Actually, the
    African countries are by FAR the worst, due to bad cars, bad roads, no
    police, no license requirements, and horribly designed intersections.
    Russia has many of the same problems, but to a lesser degree. The US
    actually has a HORRIBLE vehicular death rate compared to most civilized
    countries. Our national average is over 10 per 100,000 but some states like
    Mississippi and Kentucky have a rate well over 20, which is a worse rate
    than even Russia! I live in Eastern Kentucky and in my tiny town of 5,000
    people, someone dies from a car crash every year. We have coal trucks that
    are very top heavy, but they drive fast and drunk on moonshine, tipping
    over and wiping out everyone on the road. Driving from east Kentucky to
    Nashville you have to prepare for a 2 hour stand still traffic jam on the
    interstate, while yokel cops clean the wall of flaming death. Every.
    Fucking. Time.

  5. What seems to be the problem is not even bad driving its just the tires,
    they probably don’t have the proper tires on or lack of chains. That is the
    main problem, most of these cars on the video just started to slide there
    is no friction between the surface of the road and the tires.

  6. Erwin Rommel says:

    There’s a reason EVERY car in Russia is required to have a dash cam. Now
    you can see why. The stupidity level is off the fucking chart. Now that
    Russians finally have some freedom they have absolutely no idea what to do
    with it.

  7. Tim Anisco says:

    where is the damn traffic rules or even just a common sense in this areas?
    one thinks he owns the road, the other one says oh i got this, wham!

  8. Bob Kline says:

    More vodka, please.

  9. arshad asghar says:

    Every Russian driver has been in a car crash… there isn’t a single
    driver in russia who hasnt had an accident.
    And i heard that if you buy 6 bottles of vodka, you get a drivers license
    for free !
    Russian drivers are completely void of any sense of safety for themselves
    or other road users

  10. Why the fuck do they all buy Ladas anyway.

  11. KentcraftPrepper 1 says:

    1=The first clip, that was your fucking fault, wanker.2= they just don’t
    look.3= what the fuck was the van doing in the outside lane if he wants to
    turn right,(wanker).4= All that room in front of him, why did he have to
    calve him up and cause that. 5= they just don’t care, let alone look to see
    if it is all clear.6= that driver timed it so as he could get you to hit
    him.7= they love to jump the lights.8= Now he must have seen that car
    coming out of that junction, but chose NOT to avoid the impact, even though
    the other car WAS in the wrong. How can they afford insurance, Oh I forgot,
    they don’t have any.

  12. BrownPound 8D says:

    Russians sure like to dart out into traffic don’t they? They also fly down
    snow covered roads and try to pass in stupid situations. They’re almost
    like the Americans I dodge everyday in my semi. I like how Putin put a
    camera in every car so he can see what people are saying about his chiseled
    hairy man chest. 

  13. CaptainArt777 says:

    When you see the same idiotic driving from the same country, you can help
    but think that maybe, just maybe, that’s the way they drive in Russia. I
    know that when you see those Asian countries, it looks the same way.

  14. Give me accident now. I want see more accident.

  15. theRealAV8r says:


    Dashink sru da snow!
    Wodka on da brain!
    Drivingk ve vill go!
    CRASHingK all da VAY!!!

  16. These are dash cam clips from the private citizen’s cars. So my question
    is, how do the the producers of videos like this get hold of all these

    Do the people who shot them sell them? Do the insurance companies compile
    them from their customers and sell them to people who produce these video
    compilations? Sombodys making money off this…

  17. Karel De Bontridder says:

    7:09 how is this even possible ??? To my humble opinion quite some of
    these crashes are due to alcohol, otherwise it can not be explained why
    they happened… Furthermore, a combination of poor or non-existing road
    infrastructure and unschooled morons behind the wheel must result in these
    kind of situations… I also wonder how many hit-and-run crashes happen
    every single day with insurance not being an option…
    I am sure that you can buy brand new cars in Russia with pre-cracked
    windshields, just to save you the trouble (hahahaha)…

  18. BaronVonHerm says:

    What the fuck? Are russians just retarded or are the traffic laws there
    like fucked up? It seems like 98% of these are making left turns or lane

  19. Pico Dellamirandola says:

    русофобы нынче любят поглазеть на подобные видео, не понимая того, что если
    бы в их “просвещенной” Европе были видеорегистраторы также популярны как в
    России, то подобных видео про Европейских автовладельцев было бы не меньше
    и эти видео были бы не менее шокирующие и ситуации там были не менее
    кончайте с русофобией господа. оставляйте свою завышенную самооценку при
    себе и тешьте себя ею, а то ведете как-то не по-европейски…

  20. 11:44 Some1 really need to tell me what that “Bleeahhtt” means in russian!

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