This is a requested video by one of my loyal subscribers! These are some of the dumbest BMW car crashes I could possibly find. I’m sorry the video is so short, but I ran out of time!
Hope you guys enjoy this car crash compilation!

11 Responses to “STUPID BMW Drivers – BMW Driving Fails – Car Crash Compilation”

  1. TheMaxifinki says:

    Show me the meaning of beeeeing lonley!! 1:20 boom

  2. lifefamilyhonor says:

    Smart Car Crash Vids!! New Subscriber

  3. MikeTheCableGuy says:

    need to do American drivers in Europe lll

  4. Cj Whitaker says:

    we need to do a jeep crash

  5. Lilkevin R says:

    you should do stupid Honda civic drivers car crash compilation

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