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Please use these clips and this whole video as a learning tool to become a better driver in the traffic. Some of these accidents could easily have been prevented by driving slower, or by paying better attention to the road, or the streets surrounding the roads.
The majority of these clips are obviously from Russia, as it seems like dash cams are a mandatory thing there, probably because it’s pretty nice to have the footage if your insurance company wants it.

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4 Responses to “Top Of The WORST Car Crashes EVER – Epic Fails Edition”

  1. Christian's adventures says:

    1:02 wasn’t even a car wreck you click bait fag

  2. Mr Bobby Brown says:

    Classic Clickbait video. Keep them coming and people will continue to
    report them for misleading.

  3. amcluesent says:

    Worst crashes? Some of those dings will polish out!

  4. Valen Adriel says:

    nice video

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